Ross Reid Contractors (Remote 4G & Surveillance)


Ross Reid Group have been in the construction industry since 1954 and currently own 400+ items of plant and equipment. This plant ranges in size from a D4 to D375 Bull Dozer, Cat 615 to Cat 637 Motor scrapers, Cat 730 & Cat 740 Dump Trucks, GPS controlled Graders, Rollers and Cat 305 to Cat 345 Excavators and have the service resources to maintain these equipment and plant.

Remote working sites comes with many constraints. Lack of cellular signal, security and networking can often decrease productivity and make expensive equipment vulnerable. NZITG designed and developed a self sustainable solar powered 4G tower. This provides WiFi networking throughout the civil site. Among the integrations was also IP surveillance and solar powered motion detectors. This provides a blanket of security and networking for the staff at Ross Reid contractors.

Technologies Integrated

  • Solar Powered Systems
  • Portable 4G Tower
  • WiFI Access Points
  • Solar PIR Detectors with Back to Base
  • Live Monitoring
  • IR Night Vision & Visual Tracking
  • CCTV Surveillance

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